Aloha and welcome to the all-new Hawaii Airport Advertising Visitor Information Program!




As of April 1, 2017, in accordance with the Neighbor Island Advertising Concession contract with the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation Airports Division, the program formerly known as the “State of Hawaii Visitor Information Program” has recently changed to a private company operator. The new operator is our company, Hawaii Airport Advertising and the program name is:

Hawaii Airport Advertising Visitor Information Program (Hawaii Airport Advertising VIP)


*The Hawaii Airport Advertising VIP is for Hawaii Neighbor Island Airports ONLY and does not include Honolulu or any other Oahu airports.






    1. With the State of Hawaii no longer operating this program and without taxpayer funding or government subsidies, new fees are necessary to keep the program in operation.
    2. The fee structure has been set through a process of evaluating costs and expenses associated with the program, along with estimating the amount of paid program participants (anticipating some publishers will opt out or cut back slot quantity, given that airport distribution will now require a fee). There has also been comparative analysis with other privately operated paid distribution locations in Hawaii, to ensure rates are in accordance with the market rates.
    3. Fees are subject to change and publishers will be notified in advance of any changes.




    1. MAGAZINE FEE: $40/MONTH PER SLOT (paid monthly)
    2. SLIM JIM FEE: $60/MONTH PER SET OF 3 SLOTS (paid monthly)
    3. BROCHURE FEE: $24/MONTH PER SLOT (paid annually)




    1. In an effort to help minimize any negative impacts on existing VIP participants, for a limited period, these existing participants may decide to keep their existing slots (or any portion thereof) before these slots are offered to any other business.
    2. Existing program participants that would like to retain any portion of their existing slots/placements should create an account and reserve these slots, without delay.




    1. Maui Circulation, Inc. has been selected by Hawaii Airport Advertising as the official and exclusive distribution company to fill racks, manage slot placements and assist publishers with other distribution related services.
    2. Maui Circulation, Inc. has the following affiliate companies, for the respective Neighbor Island: Hawaii Folder Service, Kauai Brochure Service and Pacific Isle Circulation
    3. As of April 1, 2017, no other company or entity will be allowed to fill or service the racks without prior written consent.
    4. For questions regarding rack/slot placements, warehousing and other questions, please email Maui Circulation directly at info@mauicirculation.com




    1. An online billing system has been created to keep slot prices down and to reduce print waste.
    2. ALL program participants are required to register a new account through the online billing system at HawaiiAirportAdvertising.com/VIP
    3. At this time, only credit card payments are possible through this online billing system.
    4. For check payments:  After creating an online account, please email VIP@HawaiiAirportAdvertising.com with your order details (slot type and slot quantity for each airport). Check payments must be made quarterly and an additional Admin fee of $40 will apply for each check payment.